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If I were to ask you what your strengths are, what would you say? Would you know your top strengths? And would you know how to play to them?

Firstly, lets clarify what we mean by strengths. Strengths are things we:

  • do regularly,

  • do well, and

  • which energise us.

Most of us have a reasonable understanding of the key things we're good at. But often we're less aware of other strengths that could be just as valuable to us, because we don't get as much opportunity to use them. Plus, we can find ourselves stuck in roles in which we're fully competent, but the key activities are depleting our energy over time.

For most of us, our strengths offer untapped potential. By understanding our unique combination of strengths, and how to leverage them, we can boost our performance and engagement, and find more impact and joy in what we do.

Beauty of Flight

People who understand and use their strengths are:

  • Six times(!) more engaged

  • Higher performing

  • More productive

  • Quicker to learn

  • More self-confident

  • More resilient

(Source: Cappfinity)

Want to find out more about your strengths?


I am an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner, qualified and experienced in supporting clients to understand and act on their strengths using Cappfinity's Strengths Profile tool. Strengths Profile is a rigorous strengths model, backed up by impressive scientific credentials. The model comprises 60 strengths, each set against four categories: realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. By understanding your unique profile, you can learn how to use your current strengths more wisely, tap into new sources of talent and potential, and minimise the energy-draining effect of doing things you don't wholly love.

I offer:

  • 1:1 strengths coaching, supported by Strengths Profile's Expert profiles (a comprehensive 20-page report, unique to you). This can be a one-off coaching session, or part of a wider coaching package. Plus,

  • Team strengths workshops, identifying individual and/or collective strengths depending on your organisation's requirements

For more information, get in touch.

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