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My clients are brilliantly unique. Yet there are some characteristics that unite them all.

We’ll make a great client-coach partnership if:

1) You’ve got a strong sense of purpose and are doing (or want to do) work that feels meaningful to you: work that makes a difference in some way, and that you care about. 

2) And you need a little extra help: 

  • Perhaps you’re struggling to have the impact that you know is possible

  • Perhaps your confidence has taken a knock, or you’re being held back by feelings of imposter syndrome

  • Perhaps you’re getting frustrated by organisational politics

  • Perhaps you're not sure of your strengths, or how best to play to them

  • Perhaps you’re feeling ‘stuck’, and need help to re-find your motivation and energy to keep going or progress in your career

  • Perhaps your resilience is feeling low, or you’ve not got the right work-life balance

  • Perhaps you want to be held to account, or be supported to think even bigger

3) You’re prepared to consider how your thoughts, beliefs and values help – or hinder – your success

4) And finally, you’re ready to make a positive change and invest in your future

You can read what some of my clients say here. Or to explore what working together might look like, get in touch.

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