Jess is a terrific coach. Great listener, top quality questions to make you think and draw out your options. I worked with Jess to help me think through a range of issues - from really practical ones to difficult inter-personal ones about handling tensions in my team. Great rapport, a real ally in my thinking and action.

Working with Jess opened my eyes. With Jess's help I am now thriving and have a great toolkit to use when situations I'm not 100% comfortable with arise. I cannot recommend Jess enough, she will encourage you to be your best self, whilst challenging you to identify and build resilience around your weaknesses.

My conversations with Jess have been transformative for me. I returned to work with a renewed focus and set of behaviours, and increased confidence. I look forward to working with Jess again, and I would highly recommend her coaching.

Coaching has been a little lifeline. The one hour a month was sacred time for me, and the impact has been very positive. Jess has helped me to find ways of handling situations and how I react or respond, as well as working with me through some difficult decision making. I would definitely recommend working with Jess if you are looking for a professional or personal coach.

Jess is a natural coach. She quietly listens and then helps make sense of the chaos, by helping those solutions already within you rise up to a conscious level. Once out in the open Jess creates a space for moving to action. Jess helped me understand and prioritise what was really important to me, allowing me to achieve a Zen-like state towards future goals and challenges.

Jess is so insightful, encouraging and kindly challenging. Together we explored and articulated my experience, strengths, weaknesses, and challenged the underlying beliefs that were holding me back. It gave me the grounding and confidence I needed.  

I cannot recommend coaching with Jess more highly - this is the best investment to make.

Coaching with Jess built my professional confidence and gave me lots of tools to use in mapping out the next phase of my career. She challenged me in a helpful, considered way, and helped me identify both my top level goals and practical actions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is feeling professionally stuck or directionless. 

Jess has been brilliant - I thoroughly recommend her!  I tend to think things through as I'm describing them and Jess' help in dissecting, ordering and playing those thoughts back to me was exactly what I needed.

I found my coaching sessions with Jess to be most helpful. I was able to identify realistic actions within my sphere of influence to help me deal with some tricky issues at work. Jess challenged me to think beyond my previous comfort areas to explore new ways of thinking to deal with an issue. The flexibility in the sessions made sure that it met my needs and learning style.