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I'm Jess, a leadership and careers coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation at Professional Certified Coach level (ICF-PCC). I work with my clients, a fantastic group of purpose-driven people, to have even greater impact in their work. My clients tend to be mid- to senior-level leaders working in purpose-led organisations. They care deeply about the work they do and the people they serve - and they want to do their best, most impactful work. They come to me for a little extra support to navigate the ups and downs of organisational life, and to achieve their work and career goals without sacrificing their sanity and their personal and family life.

Whilst my coaching usually relates to work or careers in some way, home and work lives are increasingly entwined for many people and my approach to coaching spans both, where that best serves my client. I work with private individuals and with organisations, and as an Associate Coach for the UK Civil Service, via EY.

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“Most of us need a little space and time: 
space and time to talk, to be heard, to think, to reflect and to learn.
That’s what coaching provides... and that’s why I coach.”

So, what is it you're looking to achieve? What are your work and career goals - and what’s holding you back from achieving them?


  • You might feel stuck in your role and unable to progress.

  • You might be feeling frustrated or disempowered by organisational politics.

  • Your self-confidence might have taken a knock. 

  • You've lost sight of your strengths, or you're unsure how to use them.

  • You might be feeling stressed and burned-out, with no grip on your work-life balance.

  • You might be struggling with a tricky relationship at work, with a boss or other colleague.

  • You might be feeling demotivated, and not sure how to re-find your energy.

Sometimes it's a combination of several things.   

Leadership coaching helps unlock and resolve challenges like these, and many more. And by taking a whole-person approach, together we can work across the boundaries between work and home where appropriate. 

My style of coaching is not just about realising goals and tangible achievements. My clients do experience plenty of those, but we'll also dig a bit deeper to ensure that positive changes are sustained and repeatable – with confidence.

As a coach I help my clients to understand how their thoughts, values and beliefs are shaping their world-view and how they see themselves. And by holding the space for them to talk and think, they can work to adjust any thoughts or beliefs that are limiting their potential in some way. You can read what some of my clients say about my coaching here.

“Life can easily become a muddle, a blur, an unmanageable tailspin. But through the space and time that coaching provides, you can think deeper, see more clearly, reflect more broadly and - as a result - take the steps required to achieve your potential, and be happier and more fulfilled at work and in your personal life.”


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